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Loukoumi And Chalvadopita


Chalvadopita of Syros

Chalvadopita of Syros

Delight of Syros – Loukoumi

from Small Asia-Istamboul.
Loukoumi from the Turkish word lokum and is characterized, pastry from sugar and starch.

In the Syra reached the art of his creation with the first refugees from Chios, is said, that the first cauldrons entered the 1832. The first official seal of Loukoumi creator presents in 1837, the Stamatelaki.

For components of turkish delights few and simply:
water, sugar, starch.
For a lot of decades loukoumi is only prepared with one and constant way. The creation, particularly the first years, was difficult and required knowledge and taste. From 1970 and afterwards, the laboratories somehow they have been modernised, (fuels, transport, etc), no however and the technique.

With the byway of years, multiplied the varieties of flavour of loukoumi. Gum, rose, bergamot, mandarine, coconut Indian, almond, walnut, etc

The famous, from the beginning, loukoumi, keeps and permanently henceforth the role of ambassador for the Syra that him made known in all the world.
The element that made the loukoumi so good, is said that it is the water. In a island barren, arid, the brackish from the very little sources water, gave the achieved and unique identity in this product that was naturalised henceforth syriano.

Loukoumia of Syros

Loukoumia are manufactured in a lot of cities of Greece and abroad, however are unique, the Loukoumi of Syros.

All we owe to respect the tradition. She teaches us that, even a product, as the sloukoumi, if it is not degraded for economic reasons, can keep for always the weight of name of place that was given birth as Greek product, the Syra.

No one cannot ignore the other product of Syros loykoymi creators, chalvadopita with honey from Syros and fresh almond.


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