General Information

Aromatic Plants

Iris (The flower of winter)

AROMATHERAPY: the use of essential oils and hydrosols obtained by distillation (from named botanical species) via inhalation through the sense of smell and through direct application, to treat mental, emotional and physical states.

ESSENTIAL OIL: fragrant volatile materials contained within plant cells and derived by physical process (such as distillation) from the plant.  The many different chemical components have more odor than others, but the totality of the components are the eponymous scent or odor of the plant.  Essential oils naturally separate from the hydrosol or water via specific gravity.

Medicinal and aromatic plants are important for human health. These plants have been used from the prehistoric times to present day. These plants based medicines are consumed in all civilizations. It is believed that the herbal medicine can give good effect to body without causing side effects to human’s life. Besides, the usage of medical plants has been increasing as an important role that can support the economic system. The medical and aromatic plants for health are used as herbal treatments and therapies that can be new habits for culture.

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